Anvika who?

I’m an Industrial designer on paper, Product designer in practice but I’m Bob the Builder at heart. I love to figure out how things work, be it products, systems or human beings.

Currently, I’m a product designer at the Indian Ed-tech unicorn, Unacademy. 

Previously, I’ve built from the ground up, it’s a neural search engine that gets answers instead of links when browsing. I have ventured in the web3 space and designed immersive mobile AR experiences  I have worked in a cross-cultural team between India, Mexico, and Israel for six months where I designed new experiences for the workforce transitioning back to the office post-pandemic, in collaboration with @SteelcaseMexico

I’m originally from New Delhi, India, and have lived across cities from north to south India. I have a degree in Industrial Design from the MIT Institute of Design (MITID).

I’m passionate about making something people want, and I’m always up for learning about a new story. Have an insight to share, or an idea to discuss? feel free to get in touch